A total of 9,808,760 citizens are called to vote in the upcoming national polls, according to the Interior ministry’s electoral lists, with women voters (5,060,877) outweighing men (4,747,883).
The Athens 2nd electoral constituency has the most voters (1,428,759) while the Lefkada constituency in the Ionian islands is the smaller one in the country with only 29,152 voters.

A total of 224,272 young Greeks will vote for the first time while another 49,669 persons, who acquired Greek citizenship after the last elections in 2012, will also exercise their voting rights for the first time.
In terms of age, voters above 71 years of age make up the largest category of the electoral body (more than 2 million) followed by voters aged 42-47 (1 million).
(source: ana-mpa)

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