would like to Introduce RCH HAND MADE CAR MANUFACTURE

Our company operates in the field of Replica cars manufacturing and improvements thereof.

Dealing with our REPLICA cars where we present only the best results, it is an element that makes us stand out in terms of our knowledge of the subject .

Our experience stems from 25 years of continuous presence and engagement with the automotive field

The basic philosophy from the first to the last stage of the work assigned to us is consistency and the production of an excellent result with main protagonist and beneficiary customer and most advantageous option for him.

The qualitative result of our work and the reliability of our products are among the ingredients of our success and in no case do not negotiate.

Our prices are reasonable and yet always meet the quality and reliability of our work.

It is important for you to know that the manufacturing of cars is made by us here in Greece, from the beginning till the final stage, without the use of ready Kit from abroad.



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