Metafores YaSaTrans is the first and original metafores website that provides Transport, Storage, Removals services for Greek and Cypriot students.

Established in 2002 by Panos Giantzides, we have enjoyed 10 successful years operating and serving our customers. Due to our hard work, passion and dedication we are very well known in the Greek and Cypriot student circles in the UK. This is why we are the preferred choice in “

Our main services are:

  1. Transport – UK, Greece, Cyprus and Europe in general.
  2. Storage – Anywhere in the UK. We operate a Collect – Store – Deliver service.
  3. Removals – From anywhere in the UK to anywhere in the UK as well as abroad.
  4. Ebay and online orders – We can collect and transport any ebay/online orders to your home in Greece and Cyprus.

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