was founded by Alex Petsas and Yianni Theodorou in 2009.

Alex is a Greek national originally from Athens and now lives in the UK. Most of his family are still living in Greece with some of his family members in the UK. Alex’s passion for Greece is borne from spending countless days with his late father on fishing trips and experiencing the wonders of so many of the islands. Alex says this is where his gets his inner peace from.

Yianni lives in the UK and comes from a Greek Cypriot family. He has family in both Cyprus and the UK. Yianni has always maintained his Greek Cypriot roots and recalls many fond memories travelling around Cyprus and Greece when he was growing up. In particular the family trips driving through Europe and into Greece and then finally ending up on the beautiful island of Cyprus.

The Greece4Life journey…

The original purpose of was to broadcast the latest and most topical news in Greece and to act as a complete resource hub. From gathering general information on Greece, to allowing the viewer to book flights, hotels, yachts and rental cars. The site had an online directory for various advertisers and had the ability to advertise businesses for sale. has now changed direction. is looking to achieve a way of connecting all the friends of Greece around the world and to unite them for a common cause. People in Greece have had the rug pulled from underneath them and this has left the population stunned, perplexed, angry and more importantly financially destitute and unable to come to terms with the crisis the country has suffered.

Both Alex and Yianni are passionate about putting Greece back on the map but for the right reasons. Greece is loved by so many people around the world for its exotic and beautiful islands, its culture, ancient ruins and the hospitality of the Greek people who lovingly welcome tourists from around the world.

Alex and Yianni want to share the good news in Greece and raise awareness and hope for the Greeks and friends of the Greeks around the world, and not focus on the disaster and grim outlook which is so commonly talked about. is an online news platform to relay and convey good messages to the Greeks around the world and the lovers of Greece. The site is geared to create a positive outcome and does not hold a political voice.’s purpose is to link up with other like-minded people, organisations and websites. would like to be recognised as the positive news hub for Greece.